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Located in the Historic Pioneer Square District of Seattle, Trofeo serves authentic Napoli Style, wood-fired pizza and sandwiches. Our unique oven was hand built by third-generation Neapolitan Masons with volcanic brick born from Mt. Vesuvius. It reaches temperatures beyond that of an ordinary brick oven, and infuses a hidden magic that can't quite be described. Our pizzeria was born out of an obsession for the culture, cuisine, and spirit of Naples and the Mediterranean.

Stop by for lunch or order for your office team. We accomodate large orders of 10 + pizzas for events and office luncheons. We appreciate orders placed the previous day or before opening!
You can always call ahead!


206 . 652 . 8331

125 Profontaine Pl S
Seattle, WA

(4th Ave S & S Washington St)

Monday - Friday 11a - 6p

The Best Caprese Sandwich in Seattle

The Caprese Sandwich:

Our house made dough is stuffed with Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, and Cherry tomotoes and thrown into the brick oven. After firing, it is stuffed with Baby Arugula, drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Salt.

The Trofeo Baby Arugula Salad
Trofeo Meatball Sandwich

Our signature Meatball Sandwich. Like no Sandwich you've ever had!

Homemade Veal Meatballs, Tomato Sauce, Smoked Mozzarella, and Parmesan cradled in house-made bread and wood fired in our Vesuvius-Ash brick oven.

Art of the City Street Fest 2015 Poster

Come to the FREE Art of the City Street Fair and stop by Trofeo! Saturday, August 1, 2015, 11am-11pm

Over 100 Artists!
Live Music + Performance + Live Painting + Street Art
Interactive Installations + Special Exhibitions + Local Arts Organizsations
Over 25 Open Galleries, Studios, & Lofts


Seattle Naploletano Pizza and ice cold draft beer

Nothing beats pizza and an ice cold draft beer on a hot day!

Trofeo offers a unique and unrivaled experience among the pizza world. Once mastering the art of true Neapolitan pizza, Trofeo had a vision of taking that craft to the new level. By elegantly blending the authenticity of a light, fluffy charred crust with imported tomatoes, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella and a final presentation inspired by some of New York's most beloved old-school Italian pizza.

As Neapolitan pizza becomes more popular in our culture, Trofeo not only provides a true taste of tradition, but stands out from the crowd by delivering an original product which will not be found elsewhere, resulting in an unparalleled pizza experience.

Our Resident Punchinello gets thirsty on hot summer days! He seems to constantly be drinking our sparkling water!

Our resident Pulchinella gets thirsty on hot summer days! He seems to be constantly drinking our sparkling water!

Get lost in an exotic, distant world at Trofeo. We have developed and carefully crafted a unique refreshment of classic Napolitano fare, a subtle fusion of Naples, New York, and Seattle. Aptly enjoyed in a historical setting, rejuvinated with upbeat atmosphere.
To us, pizza is an art form, bringing life back to old favorites, transporting us to a daydream of scenic Mediterranean vistas, Umbrella Pines, and Olive trees. Orchard rows and quaint houses accentuate the landscape until it drops into the blue sea. Mt. Vesuvius dominates a panoramic skyline.

The Bay of Naples
Seattle Naploletano Pizzeria neon sign
Our pizzeria is located in the Caffe Vita building on Prefontaine, where 4th ave meets South Washington Street

We share a space with Caffe Vita in the beautiful and historical Tashiro Kaplan Building on 4th and Washington in the Historic Pioneer Square District! The Square is a nexus of public transportation options. Come for the First Thursday Art Walk, a chance to explore and experience the open art galleries.

You can receive a free parking voucher from any of the art galleries you visit during the Art Walk, which can then be redeemed when leaving any of the following parking garages:

Merrill Place Garage – 72 S King Street

Butler Parking Garage – 114 James Street

Frye Parking Garage – 117 3rd Ave S

Pioneer Square Garage – 74 S Jackson Street

Visit for more parking options.

Build your own Pepperoni and Sausage Neapolitan Pizza

We encourage you to build your own Pizza! Get Creative!
Our options include:
Arugula - Mushrooms - Onions - Green Peppers - Cherry Tomatoes Olives - Artichokes - Prosciutto Cotto - Pepperoni - Sausage - Anchovies Smoke Mozzarella - Gorgonzola - Ricotta

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